Hydrotherapy and Gym Services

Many injuries will benefit from a gym or hydrotherapy programme. Strength, endurance and mobility gains can be made while participating in an enjoyable exercise routine.
At Keperra Physiotherapy and Sports Injury Clinic your physiotherapist will design a programme specifically suited to your injury requirements and lifestyle needs.
Hydrotherapy can provide a comfortable exercise medium when equivalent land-based exercise is too painful to perform.


HydrotherapyHydrotherapy can be useful in treating:-

  • Polymyalgia and Fibromyalgia
  • Arthritis in its many forms
  • Following surgery such as total hip and knee replacement and knee reconstruction
  • Low back pain
  • Lower limb injuries including knee ligament, joint and meniscal injuries.

Benefits include:-

  • Pain relief
  • Reduced swelling
  • Increased muscular strength and endurance
  • Earlier return to sport
  • Improved ability with tasks of daily living.


hydrotherapy and gymGym programmes can be used to target many different aspects of fitness. Your physiotherapist can design a programme to satisfy your particular fitness needs.

Gym programmes can be used to target:-

  • Improved cardio-vascular (CV) fitness
  • Enhanced core stability and balance
  • Increased muscle bulk
  • Increased muscular strength, power and endurance.
If you have some injury concerns, a standard gym programme will not suffice as the likelihood of worsening your pain is high. Consult the physiotherapists at Keperra Physiotherapy and Sports injury Clinic for a programme specifically designed to accommodate your injuries and improve your road to recovery on 3855 1367